Changes Ahead for #TLChat

Written by: Tiffany Whitehead

Seven years ago, our amazing tribe of Teacher Librarians embarked on a journey to deliver much needed professional development on library and technology topics. At the time, there were no such free opportunities to be found to meet this need, so the TL Virtual Cafe Webinar Series was born. School library leaders Joyce Valenza and Gwyneth Jones, along with numerous others, started offering monthly webinars to teacher librarians and other interested educators. Not only did this webinar series provide valuable free professional development opportunities, but it also helped to build and strengthen our tribe.
In the past several years, we’ve expanded our offerings to include monthly Twitter chats and News Night broadcasts to further engage our community. Our #TLChat tribe includes so many inspiring educators who generously share their knowledge and experiences with others. It has been an incredible honor to be part of such an inspiring group of people.
Over time, we have found a decline in participation in our professional development offerings. This is no doubt due in part to the wealth of learning opportunities now available online. We are glad to have been able to provide great opportunities to learn three times a month for the past few years. We have reached the point, though, where we feel that it is time to reevaluate our offerings in order to best serve our community and learn together.
For the months of November and December, we are putting a pause on our professional development offerings to make plans to revamp our offerings starting in January. Although we are still working out the details of what that will look like, we will return on the first Monday of each month at 8PM Eastern Time, starting on January 2, 2017.
We are looking for new voices to get involved with our professional development offerings, in whatever form it may take. If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out the form below to let us know your interest and contact information.
Thank you so much for supporting our #TLChat community. We look forward to what the future holds for our tribe!

TL News Night is a LIVE show presented in news show format featuring a Wrap up of “This Month in School Libraries”and deeper discussion of topical school library issues with special guest experts from state library associations.
Official hashtag for asking questions during a TL News Night Broadcast is: #tlchat
TL News NightOctober 17th, 20168:00 pm ET

Special Guests: Alaska Association of School LibrariansSheryl Wittig, AkASL President and friends


"As part of these outreach efforts, Beth Miller secured a coveted appearance on this month’s TL News Night Web program so Georgia’s librarian leaders could discuss the future of the profession as the state’s districts change." Quote in the School Library Journal January 21, 2014

How to participate in a LIVE broadcast of TL News Night:
Official hashtag for asking questions during a TL News Night Broadcast is: #tlchat

TL | News Night Anchors are:
Jane Lofton - High School Librarian (Retired)
Nikki D Robertson- High School Librarian/Tech Facilitator
Elissa Malespina - Middle Grades Librarian
Jonathan Werner - President of the ISTE Librarians Network
Shannon Miller- Former K-12 Teacher Librarian
Craig Seasholes- WLMA President Elect

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