Webinar - Monday, Feb 1 @ 8PM Eastern

Title: So what's in a name? A discussion about identity and vision.

Facilitators: Mike Eisenberg_ Discussion Leader. Panelists:Joyce Valenza, Gwyneth Jones, Cassandra, Sara, Mark, and??????.

Description: A recent AASL decision settled the matter. We are "school librarians." But is the matter settled? What do we really want to call ourselves? Did the recent AASL decision settle the matter? In what ways do labels matter?

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Questions for discussion:
1. Titles: What do we call ourselves? AASL Press Release: and does the title or brand really matter? We should be focused on responsibilities - what are great school librarians doing?
2. Turf: With so much daily technology troubleshooting where does the title Technology Specialist come into play? How many schools have a full time technology specialist in addition to a media specialist or teacher-librarian? How many ITs are able to function as tech integrationists? (DVL addition) -Demonstrating that technology embedded 21st century skills raises deep understanding of content learning ought to be a major priority. How can we get folks not only to use web 2.0 tools but demonstrate their impact?
3. Support Staff: How to utilize paraprofessionals as true educational partners?
4. Administrative Support: Building Influence is vital within our school - how do we get and keep our Admin on our side? The second edition of my book (co-authored with my former principal who is now a professor of educational leadership) is The principal's guide to a powerful library media program, ABC-CLIO/Linworth Publishing. It is in press now. I would be glad to help with this section. (Barb)