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August 9th, 8pm EST

The New Learning Commons / Knowledge Building Centers
Guest: Dr. David V. Loertscher
Host: Marie Slim

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"Based on Dr. David V. Loertscher's 8/9/10 Presentation about the value and necessity of creating a learning commons, this group aims to provide support and guidance and best practices for its members."

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How the Virtual School Learning Commons become the center of Teaching and Learning? With Knowledge Building Centers! Attend this webinar to see how Dr. Loertscher's Virtual Learning Commons model works with a district in crisis: one Teacher-Librarian for 3 high schools Come and help create answers for this nonsensical reality! Marie Slim (with much gratitude) offers her current situation as guinea pig.

David V. Loertscher has been a school library media specialist in Nevada and Idaho at both the elementary and secondary school levels. He has taught at Purdue University, The University of Arkansas, The University of Oklahoma, and is presently a professor at the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. He has been a president of the American Association of School Librarians. (from http://www.davidvl.org/)