2012-2013 TL Cafe Season

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Hot Tips & Advice to Maximize Your Ed Tech Conference Experience

Join Us Tuesday June 4th 7pm EASTERN

The TL Cafe & ISTE SIGMS teams up to present a FREE webinar to get you ready & inspired for ISTE13 San Diego!

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Connect, Share, Learn, Grow: That's The Way We Roll!
June 3rd 8pm Est US
moderated by NikkiDRobertson
TL Virtual Cafe Webinar Series Season Finale: Online communities and learning networks are helping hundreds of thousands of educators learn, reduce isolation and providing “just in time” access to knowledge and opportunities for collaboration.
Learn ways to help your school, district and state become connected, collaborative educators.
This session features the following guest presenters:
  • Author Judith Glenn: Collaboration with students and teachers
  • School Librarian, Sandy Brand Madison, AL: International Collaboration
  • Educational Consultant, Jaime Vandergrift: EdCamp Atlanta-Collaboration between public, charter, private & home schools
  • Educators, Cat Flippen & Jaime Vandergrift: Founders of EduVue
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Gone Goolge.jpgiCame! iSaw! iGoogled!
Googlizing Your Learning Environments with Google Apps
May 6th, 8PM EST US
with Joquetta "The Digital Diva" Johnson
Moderated by Gwyneth "The Daring Librarian" Jones
Are you ready to move beyond just using Google as a search engine?
Led by Google Certified Teacher-Librarian and Digital Diva – Joquetta Johnson, participants will discover how to use Google Applications as a vehicle to drive student collaboration, engagement, and learning. During this learning adventure, we will explore Google Apps like Chrome, Docs, YouTube, and Google+. Participants will leave with a digital backpack of Google resources and a deeper understanding and appreciation for Google as an Ecosystem. This is one Google trip you don’t want to miss.
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The Connected Concierge In Your School (& Classroom!)
April 8th, 8pm EST US
With Tiffany Whitehead aka The Mighty Little Librarian and
Nick Provenzano aka
The Nerdy Teacher
The age of toiling away alone in the classroom is long gone. There is a hero in your midst that can help you now. This suave savior is a master of media, a talented techie, and a connected colleague. The teacher librarian should be the "go to" resource in every building. This chat is going to focus on how these amazing people can be integrated into a teacher's lesson planner.
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external image 8512146669_3c29b34ef4.jpgCare and Feeding of
Your Blog

March 4th at 8pm Eastern US Time and
March 5th 9am Perth Australia Time
With Sue Waters, The Edublogger

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We've all been there, either we've started a blog and neglected it - feeling some deep-seated internal blog guilt or we've started a blog and sometimes just don't know what to post or how to make it grow. Sue Waters, the Edublogger herself, is here to the rescue!
Giving practical tips on how to get a blog started, how librarians and educators use blogs, and how to maintain and nurture a healthy blog without stress or guilt.

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Student Collaboration, Research Skills and Tech Integration

February 4th at 8pmE US Time

With Ron Peck & Melissa Seideman

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A very special #TLChat & #SSChat collaboration!

Join us for a lively and informative discussion on: Tips, tricks and sound ways to get students collaborating and researching using the best of current technology integration tools.

external image 7019686013_0d6c3dc8fa_c.jpgTransparency is the New Black.
Monday January 7th 8pmE
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Don’t hide your style under a bushel…be daring and go transparent! Straight from the Paris & New York runways it's time to be on trend and change into that digital shift! Advocate for your practice and our profession by embracing social media and fighting the "locked net monster." Pump up your web presence and stand out from the crowd by being culturally literate, interweb savvy, cloud computing friendly, and embracing our new transliterate "remix mashup culture." Having a hip web presence isn't showing off - it's sharing with the community! Gather round, It's time to make it work!

OpenMic_SimonScott_TLCafe12.jpgEduTech Smackdown:

Open Mic Night

with Dr. Joyce Valenza!

Moderators Gwyneth A. Jones - The Daring Librarian
& Tiffany Whitehead The Mighty Little Librarian

Monday December 3rd - 8pm EST

With special surprise guest Nicholas Provenzano (@thenerdyteacher)

This year, we're bustin & branching out beyond the library walls to include ALL of the EdTech world in our rip-roaring fast-paced Smackdown Open Mic Night with Dr. Joyce Valenza hosting & with Gwyneth Jones & Librarian Tiff moderating.
We’re planning to get ready by creating a rich crowd-souced presentation/book.
Please feel free to take a slide (or several) and be ready to grab the mic on the night of the event and share your faves. We’ll leave the evening with our own on-going dynamic resource book.
For resources, chat & webinar archive visit the Session Wikipage

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Gamification for the EPIC WIN!
Why gaming
works, reframing instruction using game theory, and the most epic book club EVER. No gaming experience necessary.
Monday, November 5th - 8pm EST
Presented by: Matthew C. Winner & Jennifer LaGarde
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Common_Core_SecretWeapon_large.jpgYour Common Core Secret Weapon
with the Librarians in the Middle!

Monday October 1st - 8pm Eastern US
Starring: Tamara Cox , Kristen Hearne AND Monique German

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View webinar archive here:

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Back to School Special 2012

Rocking the New Year!

Monday Sept. 10th (Due to the US Labor Day holiday)

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