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Photo Story in the Classroom

1 Tool at a Time Webinar
Guests: Jenifer Gossman
Host: Brenda Anderson, Andrea Christman
April 26th - 8pm EST


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Description: Have you heard of Photo Story and wondered what it is? Wonder how you can quickly start using it as a great tech tool in your classroom? Join the webinar to hear the:
  • What is Photo Story
  • How to get started
  • How to implement it in your classroom
  • Share sample lessons
  • See examples of student work

NBPTS.jpgNational Board Certification for Media Specialists

What You Need to Know
Guests: CathyJo Nelson and Wendy Stephens
Host: Brenda Anderson, ISTE SIGMS webinar
April 18th - 8pm EST
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Candidacy for National Board Certification is among the most rigorous professional development experiences any educator can undertake. School librarians working in collaborative environments can face additional logistical challenges as they assemble a series of portfolio entries demonstrating their teaching facility. Hear from two National Board Certified Library media specialists who share their own experiences in pursuing the credential. The webinar will offer an overview of the certification process, share a range of resources available for candidates, and describe ways media specialists can begin work towards certification over summer break.


Screenagers and the Digital Window

Teaching, Learning, and Reading with the Digital Screen
Guest: Joquetta Johnson
Host: Gwyneth Jones
April 4 - 8pm EST
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Screenagers are connected to cell phone, computer, television, and video screens. They are reading texts, symbols, videos, and images. Reading is the window to the world if students can analyze, interpret, and understand the window “screens.”

Copyright Clarity


Guests: Kristin Hokanson & Spiro Bolos
Hosts: Brenda Anderson & Andrea Christman, An ISTE SIGMS Webinar
March 14th - 8 pm EST
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While copyright & fair use can be confusing to navigate you CAN use copyrighted material in your creative work! This introduction to the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education will explain fair use, reduce copyright confusion and share helpful ideas regarding how to teach your students and staff about copyright & fair use.


A Sweet Way to Search the Web

Guests: Shannon M. Miller & Mark Moran
Host: Shannon M. Miller
March 7the - 8pm EST (Set up 7-8pm -webinar starts at 8pmEST)
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The economy has been hit hard and schools are feeling it - some states are not funding databases any longer - but don't fear - one Website curated the best of the Web for educators, and it's free to use!

Shannon Miller, librarian at Van Meter Schools in Iowa, and Mark Moran, Founder of Dulcinea Media, will offer guidance and insight that helps teacher librarians teach students - and faculty - how to use the Web effectively, safely, efficiently and responsibly.

They will show how educators and students can use SweetSearch and other Web sites to easily find primary sources and the best content on the Web for current events, history, language arts, science and culture.

marc.jpgMarc Aronson on Nonfiction

Monday February 7th - 8pm
Joyce Valenza Host
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The Future of Student Inquiry/Research:
Environmental Scanning and Scenario Building

Joyce Kasman Valenza, Gwyneth A. Jones, Shannon McClintock MillerSession ThreeRoom Drama Studio
Joyce, Shannon, and Gwyneth will lead a discussion on trends and forecasts for student inquiry and investigation.

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Philadelphia PA



Creating a Community of Technology Learners in Your School or District

January 3 - 8pm EST
Guests: Lisa Perez, Brenda Anderson, & Laurie Conzemius
Host: Andrea Christman
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The ISTE SIGMS leadership team will present a medley of strategies for creating vibrant instructional leaders. Hear from Lisa Perez as she describes the Project ELITE and Project UPLIFT technology training programs that she developed for Chicago Public Schools' librarians. Brenda Anderson will discuss how Montgomery County Public Schools, MD empowered the library media specialists to build personal learning networks with technology to explore the new Maryland school library media standards. Laurie Conzemius will share strategies for creating positive relationships with teachers and administrators in your school and district to build support for your media program.

external image 4877116553_88b92e7b4d.jpgBack to School Special:

Making You & Your Library Indispensable
(an after-school special webinar that's not totally awkward!)
Monday September 13th - 8pm EST (NOTE: changed date due to Labor Day holiday)
Gwyneth Jones, Shannon Miller & Keisa Williams
Host: Gwyneth Jones
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A casual discussion to generate ideas on how to build school allies, support new teachers & become indispensable to admin & staff at the beginning of every school year.

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Changed but Still Critical

-Brick and Mortar School Libraries in the Digital Age
October 4th - 8pm EST
Guest: Doug Johnson
Host: Ernie Cox
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Today’s reality is that readers and information seekers are having increasingly less need to visit a physical library to meet their basic information needs. Digital information sources, readily accessed from classroom, home or mobile computing devices, are the choice of many learners and teachers. The “Net Generation” student increasingly prefers the visual and the virtual rather than the printed text. Why, many educators are asking, does a school need a physical library when seemingly all resources can be obtained using an inexpensive netbook and a wireless network connection? How can these large physical spaces in our schools be re-purposed for greater educational impact?
(image from

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Eyes to See: Using Digital Images In The Classroom

November 1st - 8pm EST
Guest: Diane Cordell
Host: Gwyneth Jones
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"Better Learning Through Structured Teaching:

A Framework for the Gradual Release of Responsibility"
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Guests: Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
Host: Ernie Cox
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Virtual Learning Commons

August 9th, 8pm EST
Guest: Dr. David V. Loertscher
Host: Marie Slim
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Season One

SkypeAnAuthorFoundersFinal.jpgSkype an Author

June 7th 8pm EST
Guests: Dr. Mona Kerby & Sarah Chauncey
Host: Gwyneth Jones
6/8 - Webinar Archive Posted! Click link above or founders pic!
Ramona N. Kerby and Sarah Chauncey will talk about their groundbreaking project and site, Skype an Author! Join the TL Virtual Cafe to learn about Skype an Author: "The mission of the Skype an Author Network is to provide K-12 teachers and librarians with a way to connect authors, books, and young readers through virtual visits."

TL_Virtual_Webniar2.jpgCommon Core Standards

May 3rd 8pm EST
Guest: Barbara Stripling, Dir. of Library Services - NYC Dept. of Ed.
Hosts: Ernie Cox & Brenda Anderson

The most recent draft of the Common Core Standards were released in March 2010 for public review and comment. This webinar will provide background on the development of these standards. A final version is scheduled to be released in early Spring 2010. Our guests will give us several perspectives on what impact these standards will have on K-12 education and school libraries. Join us to articulate comments for the final version and to explore the potential role of the school librarian.

Crisis Webinar Resource Page clock.jpg

Monday, April 19th, 8PM EST
Led by Buffy Hamilton and Chris Harris
Hosted by: Carolyn Foote & Gwyneth Jones
It's the most exciting time to be a teacher librarian. The opportunities for learning have never been more rich. The studies prove the value of the role of strong school libraries in student achievement. Yet, the pink slips are flying. Where do we go from here?
Led by Buffy Hamilton and Chris Harris and moderated by Gwyneth Jones and Carolyn Foote, this webinar is a crisis planning session for moving forward with purpose! Please join us!
From Buffy:
Epigenetics posits that "nature" or external influences can yield significant changes in the cellular material of the epigenome and result in significant change in a short time to the genome. We will look at 5 “librarian Iifestyle changes” we can make as library professional to “express" and "flip on" our best qualities so that we can evolve and adapt to the changing landscape/environment to become more effective librarians, and consequently, library programs.

changeAgent.pngWhat It Means to be a Change Agent in Educational Technology

Elluminate Listing
April 5th 8:00pm EST
with Special Guests: Mr. Ben Hazzard and Mr. Rodd Lucier
Hosted by Gwyneth Jones

School Library Web Presence

Elluminate Archive
3/1/10 8pm EASTERN, How is your library available to students via the web? What is your library web presence in the community? Are you a web wallflower or dancing with the stars web-wise? A discussion of effective practice and essential elements for making your library instruction, program, and tools more accessible for students and the community. A discussion of effective practice and essential elements of our library web presence with guests: Buffy Hamilton, Carolyn Foote, Barb Jansen, Christina Bentheim
Hosted by Gwyneth and Joyce

What's in a Name?

2/1/10 8 PM Eastern, A discussion about identity and vision With guest host Mike Eisenberg


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