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March 5th at 8pm Eastern US Time and
9am Tuesday Perth Australia Time
With Sue Waters, The Edublogger

We've all been there, either we've started a blog and neglected it - feeling some deep-seated internal blog guilt or we've started a blog and sometimes just don't know what to post or how to make it grow. Sue Waters, the Edublogger herself, is here to the rescue!
Giving practical tips on how to get a blog started, how librarians and educators use blogs, and how to maintain and nurture a healthy blog without stress or guilt.

Sue Waters Bio:
Sue Waters is well known globally for supporting educators in their own professional use of the web and mobile technologies as well as with their students.

She is renowned for her practical “how-to’s” help information on her sites including The Edublogger, her personal blog and Edublogs Help & Support. She is the Support Manager for Edublogs.

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Examples of How Educational Blogs Are Used

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