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Embracing Presentation Zen ideals let's create a crowdsourced slidedeck of great product ideas.
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  • Include Creative Commons photo attribution in small print (12-14pt) on the bottom left or right!
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Continuity counts!

  • Try & keep text to a minimum - Insert one white bar of text at the top or bottom
  • Add further info about your idea in the speakers notes
  • Add your name to the bottom of the slide & hypertext your Twitter ID


This Power of the Product Slideck was developed during a workshop at Educon2.3 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in January 30, 2011. As workshop leaders, we were honoured to have participation by educators from around the world, including remote participants who joined us via Twitter & Google Slide.

The creators have agreed to license their work with a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.You are free to share or adapt the work, on the condition that the author page and photo attributions are included.
Yours in collaboration, Gwyneth & Diane

(I totally stole Rod & Ben's text!)