TL Cafe Moderator / Organizer & Speaker Tutorial Page

Please take the time to read through this page if you're moderating, organizing, or speaking at a TL Virtual Cafe Webinar. Thank you!

Moderator Video Tutorial

Kim Caise, the AWEsome Elluminate/LearnCentral Community Facilitator and Flat Classroom (tm) Project Administrator created a quick but informative 6 min tutorial: a must to watch for any future Moderator or Host!

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First Must Do's for the Leaders, Presenters, or Moderators

1. Post the session info on the front of the Wikipage front with the date, time, & presenters (and participant ONLY link)

2. Create a graphic (or find one in Creative Commons) for your session

3. Create a session wikipage by going to NEW PAGE keep the name short & use underscores_between_words
WHY? Spaces between words come out as + signs so the Wikispaces URL that looks like this: Session+Page+Topic+of+Discussion rather than Topic_Discussion

4. Post the session information on that session page w/ the graphics - any resources you already have or are gong to mention and short bios of the guests & moderators (more info below)

5. DO NOT post your Slideshare or PPT ahead of time - that ruins the impact and sometimes people won't come because they feel they've seen it all. Post it AFTER the webinar or the next day.

With the moderator link, you can practice that in the room ahead of the session.

General Moderator/Leader Tips:

  • ALL TL Cafe Webinar events take place at 8:00 p.m - 9:00 p.m US Eastern Standard Time
  • Make sure the room is cleared before the event so that your recording is "clean" kick out or remove those people from previous webinars who didn't leave properly
  • Give the speakers moderator rights when they come in by clicking on their name and choose - make moderator
  • Don't have the moderator entrance key? Email Gwyneth Jones ( or Jennifer La Garde ( ) at least 2 days before to get it and keep it private please only giving it to the speakers & moderators :-)
  • Have speakers write out a *short* introduction/biography (ask for a 3 sentence 50-75 words) written in the 3rd person - professional and then maybe one fun or personal anecdote... that you will read to introduce them.

external image 5821796535_89d046cdd8.jpg

  • NEW! Speakers: Login as yourself using the participant link & your moderator will give you Mod rights as soon as you show up
  • NEW! MODERATORS: If you use the new moderator will log you in as me, Gwyneth Jones - EEP! What to do?.. once you get in there grant a pal moderator rights then log out...login as your name using the participant link and go back in...that pal can then grant YOU moderator rights, and when your SPEAKERS come in you'll grant them moderator rights & you're set! I know it's convoluted but we can't look a gift webinar room in the door ...oh I don't know ...but thanks to Steve Hargadon for this gift to us!
  • As people come in greet them in voice or chat, GIVE THEM CHAT RIGHTS by clicking on the talk bubble, and ask them to post in chat where they are from and what they teach (you may want to recruit a buddy if you're moderating to do this as most likely you'll be uploading the slides, getting ready, etc.
  • Practice AND time the presentation with your slides before you send them to the organizer/moderator. Be ready to edit. :-)
  • When creating the PPT make sure to use graphics NO BIGGER than 1024 x 768 pixel graphics on slides might make the whole slideshow upload as blank slides. We've seen this happen - the first 5 or 8 slides upload fine then the rest of the slides end up blank because they are too large.
  • Make sure to add the FIRST WELCOME SLIDE for before the Webinar TL_Cafe_Setup_Welcome.png(see below to download)
  • It is BEST to send the moderator your slides in PPT format (NOT PPTX!)- pulling together 2 sometimes 3 slide shows is easier if converting doesn't have to be an extra step.
  • Have your speakers also watch the moderator video because they will want to operate their own tools/slides
  • BEST TO KEEP IT SIMPLE: Videos & webtours can work but more times than not they don't and it looks unprofessional....they ALSO can freeze other people's computers & kick them out of the room. That's the LAST thing we want to do! IF you want to share a video take screenshots & share links at the end & embed them on the session wikipage so participants can view them on their own.
  • Remind participants that when they leave they need to close the window and not use the door icon - the door icon is only for stepping away from the room temporarily
  • When you're ready to begin the webinar click RECORD. When you're done STOP the RECORDING. (sounds simple but I've forgotten! LOL)
  • Before you leave the room - clear the room. If people haven't left you can eject them by clicking on their name and choose eject.
  • TEXT ARCHIVE: Copy & paste the view version of the entire PUBLIC text chat (select all - copy & paste) put into a word or RTF document and post on session page.
  • Blackboard ARCHIVE: The DAY AFTER the webinar go to the Elluminate TL Virtual Cafe Recording List and find the link that corresponds to your webinar - post this on the session page. Congratulations! And Thank you for expertise, hard work, & time!
Market It!
Tweet & blog about the event the Wednesday, Friday, Sat & Sun beforehand. Divide it up between speakers/moderators if you can to see who is going to do the AM & PM tweets. Don't forget to not mention the speakers only by name but use their Twitter name so that participants can follow them. Don't forget to make the Tweet short enough to RT - and to include hashtags. #TLChat #EdChat maybe adding in #EdTech #UKEdChat (though for the UK that's 1am) Then the day of around AM tweets, Lunchtime then an hour or two beforehand.

Archive It!
Grab the text chat that night - make sure to copy & paste the public chat - not with all the PM's.
Post your RECORDED archive within 48 hours & tweet that, too. Links on how to find that on the Moderator page.

Sample Moderator Script
Good evening and welcome to another edition of the TL Virtual Cafe Free Webinar series, sponsored by Blackboard and thanks to the generosity and support of Mr. Steve Hargadon!
A few housekeeping tips: In the chat box feel free to post who you are, where you're from & what you teach as well as any comments, links, & thoughts during the webinar. Please DO NOT private message the presenters with specific questions whilst they are presenting we don't want to throw off their game. We will have time at the end for questions - these will be taken in either chat form or sometimes in voice so get your headphone & microphone set handy.
If you need to leave the room at any time - feel free to use the blue door at the bottom of the screen to step away - but please, when you leave the webinar tonight be sure to close all windows & exit immediately. In order to archive this webinar for later use we have to clear the room right away. You can private message your friends during the Webinar but just be aware that moderators can see what you write - we will be keeping a chat log of all the public chats and posting it on the wiki along with the archive in a few days. Thank you for coming and in a minute we shall begin!

PowerPoint Design Tips

  • Keep your combined number of slides to a manageable number because 100 PPT slides with graphics takes approx 20 min to upload to Blackboard and would be considered the MAXIMUM number for any 45 min preso. 50 Slides is better. Go into the room ahead of time to start uploading those slides because because whilst those slides are uploading the moderator you can't text chat or do anything else in the room but speak. 10 slides takes approx 2 min, etc. Keeping the number of slides to 20-25 per speaker is best - because rushing through slides towards the end of your time isn't ideal. ////Presentation Zen//// is a great site for inspiration!
  • Design your slides simply - with a color background and not a "design" those don't always translate to the next computer (the moderator who is helping you upload them...of course - you can always go in with your moderator link and do it yourself)
  • Use typefaces that everyone has. Like Arial, Times Roman, Verdana, & Helvetica. Just like Slideshare can't translate Edwardian, Brush Script or gosh forbid the dreaded- Comic Sans - other typefaces will throw off the computer and re-sizing will have to be done every slide. Oh and I've done that...and it takes a LONG time. (sometimes HOURS!)
  • Transitions & Animations do not come through - save time & don't use them :-)
external image 13290879374_f773400993_b.jpg
NOW....create a new blank PPT and drag in each jpg onto each slide. 100 slides takes me 15 min to finish by dragging & dropping.
It's worth the time!~ SAVES formatting, spacing, & fonts. It also makes the presentation smaller and faster to upload to Blackboard.

external image 17290823982_42ee6bff34_o.jpg

Get Access & Participator Links

Here is a NEW link for the TL Cafe participants: jnlp?sid=2008350&password=M. 045261E341AD318850AE8CD932AF9F

Breakout Rooms:
Though it's best to KEEP IT SIMPLE: You can do breakout rooms in Elluminate. You would highlight to select everyone that you want to send to a breakout room and right click. Select send to break out rooms and it will automatically send everyone to different rooms and I believe it sends an equal number of participants.


external image 6140380330_a329bfb093_m.jpg

Spicy Conversations to Enrich Educational Practice 2011-12

Proposal to Present at the TL Virtual Cafe
Every year we provide a great line up of movers & shakers in the Library and Ed Tech worlds for the FREE Webinar series at the TL Virtual Cafe.
This could be YOU! Fill out the proposal & share your voice!