Web Presence: 3/1 event on web presence?
Carolyn Foote, Buffy Hamilton, Barbara Jansen, Christina Bentheim
Gwyneth & Joyce moderators
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Ideas: "tours of our own or other favorite sites and come up with a list of top ten essentials for school library web presence today." Also, how about how to make the web presence participatory to get students coming back? Online/live help during big projects. Essential can include topics, tools, reference materials that no library site should be without (research tools, specific project pages, links to databases and catalog, etc.). Information that should not be on public pages (personally identifiable information about kids, login/passwords to databases, etc). Additional pages that a library should host: (subjects contained in databases, author pages, student book trailers/reviews, etc.) We might discuss the library's presence in the other venues students frequent such as Facebook/MySpace--the issue being "is it important to meet students where they are, or entice them to the library's own virtual and physical space?" If the library does want to create a presence on Facebook, what is the best way to do that--fan page? And, how does one go about setting that up?
Tentative agenda:
1. The library's web presence as an extension of the physical space and program (enticing students/faculty/community to visit physical space): Ex. book promotion (online catalog, trailers, reviews, reading incentive, book blogs), program advertising (game day, author visits, etc.)
2. The library's virtual offerings for curriculum and literature support (pathfinders/project pages; research help--tools, info pages, links; database listings)
3. The library's web presence in other venues such as Facebook or MySpace, Twitter
4. Using wikis and blogs as an alternative to traditional webpages (html/php) especially if district's control over webpages does not allow librarian to be his or her own webmaster. (Do we want to highlight Google sites also? - bda)
5. Participatory element to library's web presence (can be integrated in the first 4 topics if we do not have time for a separate topic)
6. Are there absolute essentials? Can we come up with a short list? (online catalog, databases, pathfinders/project pages, research tools such as bibliography generators: NoodleBib, etc.), what is essential for elementary pages?

Some great examples: http://schoollibrarywebsites.wikispaces.com