Marc Aronson joins us on February 7th @ 8PM Easter to discuss nonfiction. . .
To prepare for our discussion,

read Marc's upcoming Horn Book article:

Also read Marc's Nonfiction Matters Blog for SLJ.

You may want to catch Marc and Marina discussion Sugar on Book-TV Feb 5 and 6. Check your local schedule for air times.

Ideas from a recent conversation with Marc:
  • Nonfiction as thrill, not chore.
  • How nonfiction can offer readers the same inner expansion they experience when they read fiction, the same type of thrill as when they identify with a character.
  • Nonfiction writers as explorers, rather than translators.
  • The impact of the Common Core Standards inclusion of nonfiction literacy

Among the titles Marc will discuss:
  • Sugar
  • Astronauts
  • KKK
  • Race