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YouTube Promotional Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va5mo6ik2_M

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**Ron Wagner** ‏@r0nthelibrarian 3m
@techlms #**tlchat** contacted WLMA members to send district TL lists; gleaned data from websites. Used Google shared doc by state region.

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@GwynethJones so glad we connected! Really enjoyed #**tlchat** tonight

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Thank you, #**TLChat** News Night. What a great experience for all of us @WLMA. Will gladly contribute again!

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Pittsburgh Public Schools has an awesome curriculum guide #**tlchat** it is sitting on my desk #**tlchat**

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Dear #**tlchat** once again you prove TLs and #WLMALit rock!

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I love @NikkiDRobertson's quote tonight. "We are librarians and we find a way to make things work!" #**tlchat**

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my district has not made a big deal about it one way or the other, but often i add them to my lesson plans that i turn in. #**tlchat**

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Speaking advocacy #**tlchat** ...Check out podcast on Branding & story telling via @TonySinanis @Joesanfelippofc http://www.bamradionetwork.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1480:branded&catid=104:branded&Itemid=306 …

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#**tlchat** Thanks everyone! I now have new "connections"!

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thanks everyone for another great TL News Night #**tlchat**

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Thanks for the chat tonight, happy I was able to finally see it live vs. archived! #**tlchat**

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Many thanks to the entire TL News Night team for a great show tonight #**tlchat**

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@hildakw Thanks for all you do for school librarians. Great to hear you on TL News Night. #**tlchat**

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Goodnight & thanks #**tlchat** folks! So great hearing from all of you!

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I need to work on my tan for the spring break edition of #**tlchat** TL News Night.

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Thanks All! #**tlchat** G'Nite

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#**tlchat** Thanks, gang! Loved it as usual! Have a great week! :)

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#**tlchat** I'm wondering if it wouldn't be easier to collect some of the conversation using a forum platform with threads

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@hildakw advices us to "keep dreaming" #**tlchat**

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.@lyndacloninger Twitter is great PD; taking part in 2 chats now and learning so much. #**tlchat**

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@_TeacherX thanks so much for joining us tonight & sharing your wisdom! Great stuff! #**tlchat** #tlnews

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@_TeacherX Mark Ray takes the Middle Path while @hildakw shows how to make it work...at every age. Bravo Hilda! #**tlchat**

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One of my favorite parts of #**tlchat** is trying to decipher what people are whispering.

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would like to be directed to some FB pages of Teacher-Librarians. #**tlchat**

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@hildakw is such an inspirational library leader! So glad you joined the TL News Night Team tonight! #**tlchat** #txlchat

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FIGHT! FIGHT! #Dewey #**tlchat**

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#**tlchat** so nice to hear from @hildakw tonight via speakerphone!

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@_MichelleCooper @technolibrary We are very excited for #**TLChat** Cafe on March 3rd too. :)

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@christybrenn @WLMALIT well, maybe I will make a FB page for the library. as see what happens. #**tlchat** I thought her comment was odd.

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Email http://slworkshop.net to receive a free issue from the wonderful @hildakw #**tlchat** #txlchat

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@SOMSlibrary Yes. I have data from my conference. Things have changed since. We need to update. #**tlchat**

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Yeah, Hilda! #**tlchat**

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"Libraries - one stop shop" @NikkiDRobertson #**tlchat**

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Always enjoy catching up with my great friends @_TeacherX and @CraigSeasholes …..Thank you for being part of #**TLChat** News Night

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@_teacherx A big thanks to Mark Ray for joining us tonight! #**tlchat**

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Wrapping up #**TLchat** News Night. What a great opportunity to share what @WLMALIT is doing, and we sure appreciate support from all of you!

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@lyndacloninger Excellent! Baby steps are great! #**tlchat**

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Great work, WA TLs! #**TLchat** @WLMALIT the LIT framework is available as PDF & makes great share http://www.wlma.org/Resources/Documents/LIT_Program_Framework.pdf … via @CraigSeasholes

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@_TeacherX #**tlchat** Mark Ray TL leader and administrator. LIT framework really helps focus and communicate and advocate

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#**tlchat** @teacherx Mark Ray shared the key point, administrators agendas strengthens our hands. Be their best PD support

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@SOMSlibrary Finding each other has been huge @WLMALit effort! #**tlchat**

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Hmm, shall learn more about http://www.follettlearning.com/projectconnect/events.cfm … thanks #**tlchat** http://fb.me/WFbgP6Fa

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Mark Ray mentioning Project Connect's initiative to focus on school libraries at highest level of govt #**tlchat** #projectconnect

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@jane_librarian @NikkiDRobertson You always have to adapt "borrowed" ideas to your library and your patrons anyway. #**tlchat**

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Love Project Connect from @FollettSoftware http://www.follettlearning.com/projectconnect/ Thank you for mentioning @MarkRay on #**TLChat**

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Yes! Agree! RT @WLMALIT: @BrendaMcFry Completely disagree! Social Media is where parents and students live, not on websites. #**tlchat**

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@debschi @SOMSlibrary Great to know. We should work by counties. #**tlchat**

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Great info. Looking forward to Geniuscon, & seeing implemention of @WLMALIT strategies with @glma #**tlchat**

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@WLMALIT @BrendaMcFry I also agree! #**tlchat**

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@BrendaMcFry Completely disagree! Social Media is where parents and students live, not on websites. #**tlchat**

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#**tlchat** Still learning how to effectively use Twitter, but loving what I am learning!

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#**TLchat** @WLMALIT the LIT framework is available as PDF and makes a great share http://www.wlma.org/Resources/Documents/LIT_Program_Framework.pdf …

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Mark Ray discussing Washington State's Lit Framework--one page document describing role of teacher-lib and libraries #**tlchat**

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@FranKing03 we totally need to do something with what we have data is very powerful! I know in my district we have lost 3 libs #**tlchat**

external image gtm9s73iqlslkzcabgyc_bigger.jpeg 20m
@Wozleigh @SOMSlibrary Great ideas. Will mention it. #**tlchat**

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@NikkiDRobertson thanks for sharing your experience with social media on #**tlchat**!

external image a771665088a6edab8c622ef7d4779e5f_bigger.png 20m
@WLMALIT Mark Ray 2012 teacher of the year and now an administrator! You Rock! #**tlchat**

external image profile_bigger.jpg 20m
Tumblr has a good education/librarian community as well it I find it a bit easier to follow along since its not stream-of-conscious #**tlchat**

external image gtm9s73iqlslkzcabgyc_bigger.jpeg 21m
@SOMSlibrary I have some data already that can be a starting point. #**tlchat**

external image pf4opqrcogbjudn5j39v_bigger.jpeg 21m
I like to think we "borrow" great ideas from others @NikkiDRobertson, not steal. TLs are all so generous about allowing that #**tlchat**

external image yC_jtVGR_bigger.jpeg 21m
Me too! RT @randiegroden @NikkiDRobertson "I'm a confessed twitteraholic & I won't apologize for it" Always learning awesome things! #**tlchat**

external image 0c0a63c1b1c532a088e6e4f2ab5240dd_bigger.jpeg 21m
#**tlchat** yes, I love the Readbox idea!

external image DSCN1958_bigger.jpg 21m
@carinapierce Well done Carina! #**tlchat** Love that you questioned purpose to help clarify!

external image yC_jtVGR_bigger.jpeg 21m
@BrendaMcFry So much fear still around about who's telling story/creating the message on behalf of SD...Ss Ps & Ts best advocates #**tlchat**

external image 5a9645441a0c0f80b18254102bfa077b_bigger.jpeg 22m
@NikkiDRobertson "I'm a confessed twitteraholic and I won't apologize for it." Always learning awesome things! #**tlchat**

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thank God, you are Nikki, b/c I learn so much just reading yours and Shannon's tweets. I just regularly check my gurus. #**tlchat**

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#**tlchat** I've been a member of Twitter for years, but just started using in the last year! Teachers need training & a vision of learning!

external image 7050ab1778314afe27298a1ed025d5c0_bigger.jpeg 22m
@TiffanyE Muhlenberg School District School Board: Save Our Books -- Stop The Ban http://www.change.org/petitions/muhlenberg-school-district-school-board-save-our-books-stop-the-ban?recruiter=79847881&utm_campaign=invite_page_mobile&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition … … via @Change #**tlchat** #RU575

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@carinapierce Great job, Carina! Wonderful way to build relationships! #**tlchat**

external image 3c31f41deeb776e308a354f6888ab4d0_bigger.jpeg 23m
school board director also a friend told me facebook was not the media for posting things about school related stuff #**tlchat** not sure why!

external image 483o4br5mxrvg6kfl1i2_bigger.jpeg 23m
@CraigSeasholes Yes, principal sees value & I believe she will "suggest" for all to get on! #**tlchat**

external image 5a9645441a0c0f80b18254102bfa077b_bigger.jpeg 23m
tweets and retweets must be timely @carinapierce #**tlchat**

external image yC_jtVGR_bigger.jpeg 24m
LOVING the convo about digital content curation, messaging, audience, via SM on #**tlchat** SO far ahead of where we are...baby steps

external image CraigSeasholes_lowres_bigger.jpg 24m
@KathleenGalarza #**tlchat** can help your principal see the value in their own professional development, and school promotion

external image 483o4br5mxrvg6kfl1i2_bigger.jpeg 24m
Have 2 accounts-mine & the library one. Getting more action on both-so to speak! LOL! #**tlchat**

external image a771665088a6edab8c622ef7d4779e5f_bigger.png 25m
@wlmalit is an impressive group of librarians! Pushing our profession forward! #**tlchat** #txlchat

external image jFbbei8i_bigger.png 25m
@carinapierce - you need to chat w/ @MsSimsICCSD our social media @IowaASL maven #**tlchat**

external image DSCN1958_bigger.jpg 25m
@carinapierce Maybe have weekly guest Twitter acct moderators and yes, include non librarians! #**tlchat**

external image pf4opqrcogbjudn5j39v_bigger.jpeg 25m
@carinapierce My friend @sraslim & I just did a session on Twitter at our Calif #4CSLA conf last week to inspire more tweeters #**tlchat**

external image dZHp8f-C_bigger.jpeg 25m
@ccassinelli WE use Gale, Overdrive, Follett and Mackin ebooks among others. #**tlchat**

external image 8f548d2cfa81714dccb0a956b9f2e685_bigger.jpeg 26m
@KathleenGalarza I agree it is hard to get people on twitter but it is gaining in popularity! #**tlchat**

external image gtm9s73iqlslkzcabgyc_bigger.jpeg 26m
@Wozleigh @SOMSlibrary It was supposed to be in last membership survey but didn't make it. Time to try again #**tlchat**

external image 483o4br5mxrvg6kfl1i2_bigger.jpeg 26m
We have to train teachers, too, & show them the uses of Twitter, blogging, etc. #**tlchat**

external image 483o4br5mxrvg6kfl1i2_bigger.jpeg 26m
I'm still trying to get libs in my district to get onto Twitter. Don't know how to move them to do this! #**tlchat**

external image profile_bigger.jpg 27m
#**tlchat** Not getting the results you're wanting through twitter (which I'm admittedly not a fan of) look to what platforms people do use.

external image DSCN1958_bigger.jpg 27m
Thinking...need to start Social Media presence to join District Libs. Stronger together. #**tlchat**

external image d683bb6b98ec7422a382f1e28f34f57d_bigger.jpeg 27m
TEACHERS: There's no avoiding it - so What Can We DO? Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8Tj0nyanjA … #edchat #**tlchat** #education #teach #commoncore

external image pf4opqrcogbjudn5j39v_bigger.jpeg 27m
@CraigSeasholes Thanks for the Australian video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va5mo6ik2_M … #**tlchat**

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external image Screen_shot_2012-04-04_at_11.36.55_PM_bigger.png 27m
Check out the NEWS coming up this spring and summer for TL's and educators…. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/18VztKpWhdcUL--YVuHU7pij0sljo56VsP4uxobFXBU8/edit?usp=sharing … #**tlchat** #iowatl

external image dZHp8f-C_bigger.jpeg 28m
So excited that #oetc14 is going to have a Makerspace! Can still register.. at ... http://events.oetc.org/ipdx14/ #**tlchat**

external image yC_jtVGR_bigger.jpeg 28m
Wish (some) schools were more involved w/dynamic web content/SM Are some FAB schools/SDs out there #**tlchat** #edtechchat

external image qfyxtrp8j0urreb7occw_bigger.jpeg 28m
Looking for your research workflow solutions for HS research & iPads, ie: databases, websites, eBooks #**tlchat** #iPadEd #ipadchat

external image CraigSeasholes_lowres_bigger.jpg 29m
@cbartow @carinapierce @WLMALIT #**tlchat** is proof that social media matters. Contributors- users and producers of ideas and information

external image jFbbei8i_bigger.png 29m
Our @MsSimsICCSD does a fantastic job w/social media for @IowaASL #**tlchat** @shannonmmiller started #iowatl years ago!

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external image Screen_shot_2012-04-04_at_11.36.55_PM_bigger.png 29m
Please get involved with @litworldsays #WRAD14 and collaborate with others….https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l6NrjOLOpN3BGWOz5epVBhHqvmrs9QOFd0FXXOFjO48/edit?usp=sharing … #**TLChat**

external image CraigSeasholes_lowres_bigger.jpg 30m
The Australian video I mentioned on #**tlchat** is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va5mo6ik2_M … thanks to @Anneticipation tweet earlier this week.Social media rocks

external image 5a9645441a0c0f80b18254102bfa077b_bigger.jpeg 30m
School systems need a more dynamic presence on social media #**tlchat**

external image 9f1010baafb8effe0e7bfd8da76a8ba4_bigger.jpeg 30m
@carinapierce @wlmalit #**tlchat** Awesome social media manager!

external image Screen_shot_2012-04-04_at_11.36.55_PM_bigger.png 31m
Super excited to hear @carinapierce and @markray speak about #WLMALIT on #**TLChat** News Night ….Thank you everyone for your work tonight.

external image a771665088a6edab8c622ef7d4779e5f_bigger.png 32m
Thank you! RT @plemmonsa: This is the #WRAD14 collab document #**tlchat** https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l6NrjOLOpN3BGWOz5epVBhHqvmrs9QOFd0FXXOFjO48/edit?usp=sharing … #txlchat

external image pf4opqrcogbjudn5j39v_bigger.jpeg 32m
Thanks for all the school library activity ideas, @shannonmmiller! #**tlchat**

external image cfb1b9d66cfc467a8dc8739cbc6843a6_bigger.jpeg 32m
Bravo @WLMALIT way to represent the great state of WA! #**tlchat** @CraigSeasholes @smerrigan28 and Ron Wagner

external image 8f548d2cfa81714dccb0a956b9f2e685_bigger.jpeg 32m
@FranKing03 I agree with you. I think things have changed! It is time for us to make a NJ map like the national one! #**tlchat**

external image Andy_Plemmons_bigger.jpg 32m
This is the #WRAD14 collab document #**tlchat** https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l6NrjOLOpN3BGWOz5epVBhHqvmrs9QOFd0FXXOFjO48/edit?usp=sharing …

external image 0c0a63c1b1c532a088e6e4f2ab5240dd_bigger.jpeg 32m
Enjoying TL chat live! #**tlchat**

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external image 5a9645441a0c0f80b18254102bfa077b_bigger.jpeg 33m
Not too late to join the blog challenge for #WRAD14! #**tlchat**

external image a771665088a6edab8c622ef7d4779e5f_bigger.png 33m
Who is ready for World Read Aloud? #**tlchat** #txlchat

external image CraigSeasholes_lowres_bigger.jpg 33m
@WLMALIT But with a team, all things can work. I'll watch the feed while you address #**tlchat** along with

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external image Andy_Plemmons_bigger.jpg 33m
This is my week 2 #WRAD14 post #**tlchat** http://barrowmediacenter.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/world-read-aloud-day-blogging-challenge-2-adult-child/ …

external image dZHp8f-C_bigger.jpeg 34m
Librarians-we are still looking for library presenters for @ipadpalooza in Austin in June, too! #**tlchat** #txlchat

external image dZHp8f-C_bigger.jpeg 34m
@shannonmmiller reminding us that March 5 is World Read Aloud Day. #**tlchat**

external image CraigSeasholes_lowres_bigger.jpg 35m
Next month makerspaces with @shannonmmiller next Month at #**tlchat** plus #ttw14 teen tech week @yalsa

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external image 4e14754649f658032eca2e6c603269b0_bigger.png 35m
Hooray for school library advocacy for our students! #**tlchat** #edchat http://fb.me/6KfjwxrcW

external image yC_jtVGR_bigger.jpeg 35m
RT @technolibrary: Check #**tlchat** archive from last week for ideas on learning commons spaces. http://Tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com . @BrendaMcFry

external image DSCN1958_bigger.jpg 35m
Feb #**tlchat** Learning Commons Archive https://www.evernote.com/shard/s32/sh/2473adcb-ea69-4053-b533-818f526ccdc2/d0445c5a4177b795fa17de17f4d51f83 …

external image dZHp8f-C_bigger.jpeg 36m
Check #**tlchat** archive from last week for ideas on learning commons spaces. http://Tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com . #learningspaces

external image a771665088a6edab8c622ef7d4779e5f_bigger.png 37m
I can't wait to hear @shannonmmiller and @technolibrary talk next month on the TL Virtual Cafe! March 3 #**tlchat** #txlchat

external image Andy_Plemmons_bigger.jpg 37m
Met with someone today who is starting a makerspace in our downtown. Wanted to learn what schools are doing. #**tlchat**

external image wlma_logo_bigger.jpg 37m
It's hard to be be a part of a live #**TLchat** and monitor Twitter at the same time! Ach! #TLNewsNight

external image 483o4br5mxrvg6kfl1i2_bigger.jpeg 38m
Not enough $$ for new library? So what? Innovate, Make it student centered & bloom! #**tlchat**

external image 3c31f41deeb776e308a354f6888ab4d0_bigger.jpeg 38m
can you post the website for the archives for learning commons please? #**tlchat** i really want to know about the flexible seating.

external image yC_jtVGR_bigger.jpeg 39m
Am STILL playing with ideas about learning commons in our space weeks later #**tlchat**

external image a771665088a6edab8c622ef7d4779e5f_bigger.png 39m
Libraries as learning commons-student centered, inviting and flexible. #**tlchat** #txlchat

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external image ibryuB1d_bigger.jpeg 39m
Oh! I want to do that! What would it be like to videotape the answers to the question: What wd you change about our school? #**tlchat** #oklaed

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external image dZHp8f-C_bigger.jpeg 40m
#geniuscon #**tlchat** Genius Con is not just a librarian project. About giving students a voice. More info http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/

external image FNareAQS_bigger.jpeg 40m
Thanks for vid @shannonmmiller! #**tlchat** folks - #learningrevolution is looking for films for conference screening. http://goo.gl/fNAEG2

external image DSCN1958_bigger.jpg 40m
Andy's awesome blog http://barrowmediacenter.wordpress.com/ #**tlchat**

external image gtm9s73iqlslkzcabgyc_bigger.jpeg 40m
@SOMSlibrary NJASL tried to find all TL for study. It's time to try again. #**tlchat**

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external image Andy_Plemmons_bigger.jpg 40m
This is the latest post about #geniuscon http://barrowmediacenter.wordpress.com/2014/02/10/geniuscon-topic-selection-and-question-development/ … #**tlchat**

external image jFbbei8i_bigger.png 40m
Check out this @IowaASL advocacy video. A student centered vision http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enEE_Wpz8gw … @MsSimsICCSD #**tlchat** #iowatl

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external image Screen_shot_2012-04-04_at_11.36.55_PM_bigger.png 41m
Here is the presentation that @WLMALIT shared during #**TLChat** https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qH_MdfIJcRQ72Ia581BvpkyIZiRXaoM0IOmwFFtnxkE/edit?usp=sharing …

external image dZHp8f-C_bigger.jpeg 41m
#**tlchat** Genius Con--Pose this question to your 1st graders--if you could change one thing about your school--what would it be, and how?

external image 9f1010baafb8effe0e7bfd8da76a8ba4_bigger.jpeg 41m
RT @SOMSlibrary: Great tip for advocacy figure out the name of the all the librarians in the state #**tlchat** Connect w State Libraries 4 this

external image a771665088a6edab8c622ef7d4779e5f_bigger.png 41m
GeniusCon Rocks! @LibraryFanatic @MatthewWinner #**tlchat** #txlchat

external image yc85xj1e1gs6nqfsobmq_bigger.jpeg 42m
#**TLCHAT** NEWS NIGHT explain again how you compiled your list

external image pf4opqrcogbjudn5j39v_bigger.jpeg 43m
Please post the Australian advocacy film link also @CraigSeasholes. Thank you! @wlmalit @#**tlchat**

external image 483o4br5mxrvg6kfl1i2_bigger.jpeg 43m
@debschi @SOMSlibrary Yes, so cool an idea in NJ! #**tlchat**

external image dZHp8f-C_bigger.jpeg 44m
#**tlchat** Joining the Google Hangout for TL News Night!

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That is so great, Jane. RT @jane_librarian: California is working on an advocacy film inspired by @WLMALIT #**tlchat**

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California is working on an advocacy film inspired by @WLMALIT #**tlchat**

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#**tlchat** can view the presentation for tonight's @WLMALIT presentation https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qH_MdfIJcRQ72Ia581BvpkyIZiRXaoM0IOmwFFtnxkE/edit?usp=sharing …

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Connecting everyone for one advocacy piece throughout state! #**tlchat**

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#**tlchat** great to share our WLMA advocacy with TLs from other states, these efforts really do help advocate in our buildings

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It was advocacy that made this possible: https://www.educateiowa.gov/pk-12/learner-supports/school-library … Vision for Iowa's School Libraries #**tlchat** #iowatl

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Great tip for advocacy figure out the name of the all the librarians in the state and how many school librarians there are #**tlchat**

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RT @KathleenGalarza: Amazing that legislative efforts worked! Excellent stuff @WLMALIT #**tlchat** Spokane Moms helped start this!

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@LibraryFanatic @strohreads Hi friend…So happy you are here with us at #**TLChat** News Night.

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#**tlchat** Love the grassroots effort at getting all WA librarians on a contact list to effect change & generate support.

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RT @SOMSlibrary: You can also view TL News Night live now via http://youtu.be/qLxw7YieSxg #**tlchat** #iowatl

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Pretty amazing work by the Washington state librarians!! #**tlchat**

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@KathleenGalarza LOL….No, he is safe. Too funny. :) #**tlchat**

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can they post the bill on twitter or wiki for us so we can talk about it at our state level. #**tlchat**

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#**TLChat** News Night….Check out the amazing advocacy video that @WLMALIT created http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_ybY5O7WvA&feature=youtu.be … #iowatl

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@ronthelibrarian #**tlchat** @wlmalit great information about advocacy for library programs. Connect to legislature and #ccss

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Amazing that legislative efforts worked! Excellent stuff @WLMALIT #**tlchat**

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Thank you @smerrigan28 for sharing your wonderful story and advocacy in Washington with all of us at #**TLChat** News Night. :) @WLMALIT

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@WLMALIT Thanks for posting those links! #**tlchat**

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@jane_librarian @CraigSeasholes don't worry we are not seeing it either. We are working on it. But will post the presentation #**tlchat**

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SLJ Article http://www.slj.com/2013/10/advocacy/follow-the-leaders-washington-states-stellar-advocacy-model/ … #**tlchat**

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Pretty Awesone!!! RT @WLMALIT: Thank you, @smerrigan28 for a great recap of #LIT legislative efforts. #**tlchat** News Night

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Thank you, @smerrigan28 for a great recap of #LIT legislative efforts. #**tlchat** News Night

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@shannonmmiller hubby wants to know if you all just saw him stripping down for shower? I'm up in bedroom with #**tlchat** Live! LOL!

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Not seeing @CraigSeasholes's screensharing #**tlchat**

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@jane_librarian So agree with you it should be a model for other states! @WLMALIT #**tlchat**

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We need to check @WLMALIT Senate Bill 6105 redefining role of school libraries as a model for California and other states #**tlchat**

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Great to see my @WLMALIT friends! Wow You guys rock! #**tlchat**

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@librarian_tiff #**tlchat** how do you choose which books go against which at each bracket?

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Reading bingo challenge - fun! http://www.retreatbyrandomhouse.ca/2014/01/reading-bingo-challenge-2014/ … #reading #**tlchat**

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@Wozleigh @GinnyMoy @cathyjo I did my most circulated books, but just book 1 from series. #**tlchat** #librarymarchmadness

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RT @SOMSlibrary: You can also view TL News Night live now via http://youtu.be/qLxw7YieSxg #**tlchat** #txlchat

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You can also view TL News Night live now via http://youtu.be/qLxw7YieSxg #**tlchat**

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Yes! RT @scsdmedia: I LOVE this opportunity to see what other state associations are doing @WLMALIT Thank your #**tlchat** and @NikkiDRobertson

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@GinnyMoy @librarian_tiff @cathyjo what books is everyone starting with? #**tlchat** #marchmadness

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@scsdmedia Love we will do this at #IASL14 too :) @WLMALIT having a signing event for the Declaration for the Right #right2libs #**tlchat**

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What a great opportunity to share the library story! @WLMALIT signing event for Dec. for Right to Libraries @ state capital #**tlchat**

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What a great job @WLMALIT having a signing event for the Declaration for the Right to libraries at the state capitol #right2libs #**tlchat**

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@debschi Thank you for letting us know! #**tlchat**

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Like the fact that libraries have Makerspaces & Lego projects with children My #MakerEd pg: http://cybraryman.com/makerspaces.html … #edtechchat #**tlchat**

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Check out @WLMALIT Website for more great resources and news too...http://www.wlma.org/ #**TLChat** News Night

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HI New Night Girls! Just so you know Embed for TL News Night on Wiki isn't embedded Listening on G+ is Fine. #**tlchat**

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Love LIT Library Information Technologists! #**tlchat**

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@KathleenGalarza So true! Have a wonderful group of Ps at our school! Have been so welcoming #newbie #**tlchat**

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Love how @wlmalit had a huge public signing of the Dec of rights at the capitol building! #**tlchat**

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I LOVE this opportunity to see what other state associations are doing @WLMALIT Thank your #**tlchat** and @NikkiDRobertson #iowatl

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@KathleenGalarza Yes, parents are amazing advocates for teacher librarians and libraries. #**tlchat** News Night

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"great heights! LOL @NikkiDRobertson #**tlchat**

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RT @librarian_tiff: Got my March Madness bracket set up today! Thanks for the inspiration @cathyjo #**TLChat** http://ow.ly/i/4D0BL <3

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#**tlchat** live Following the twitter stream and watching the live GHOA http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/TL+News+Night pic.twitter.com/obCmC49Wv4

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Moms (&dads) are great advocates for school libraries & libraries in general #**tlchat**

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RT @joycevalenza: #**tlchat** @WLMALIT is live on TLnews night http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/TL+News+Night #RU575 #txlchat

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Great hearing @craigseasholes story on #**tlchat** News Night now.... Please join us too. #iowatl http://instagram.com/p/kidxMTqOcZ/

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Yea!!!! RT @WLMALIT: So proud to see @WLMALIT live on #**tlchat** News Night!

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So proud to see @WLMALIT live on #**tlchat** News Night!

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So proud to see @WLMALIT live on #**tlchat** News Night!

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Advocacy! @wlmalit speaks about it tonight on #**tlchat** live

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#**tlchat** is live on TLnews night. Talking advocacy with @WLMAIT

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#**tlchat** @WLMALIT is live on TLnews night http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/TL+News+Night #RU575

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@librarian_tiff @cathyjo How are you using your MarchMadness bracket? Display? Voting by kids? #**tlchat**

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Going to be great to hear from @WLMATLIT tonight during #**TLChat** News Night….Thank you @CraigSeasholes and team. :)

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Listening live to TL News Night #**tlchat** with @NikkiDRobertson and friends from @WLMALIT

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Following #**tlchat** tonight!

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Oops, meant @wmlalit at http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/TL+News+Night #**tlchat**

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RT @scsdmedia: Tune in to http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/TL+News+Night w/ @CraigSeasholes Love this format! #**tlchat** #iowatl

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Attempting to follow #**tlchat** and #edtechchat simultaneously...we'll see how this goes ;)

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Tune in to http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/TL+News+Night w/ @CraigSeasholes Love this format! #**tlchat** #iowatl

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Horton Hears a Tweet (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) http://bit.ly/1nIw3xq Good stuff! #**tlchat** #edtech

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#**tlchat** Awesome lineup for TL news night! @WLMALIT

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Excited to be attending TL News Night to hear about @wmla activities & more http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/TL+News+Night #**tlchat**

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We are the media now! says @NikkiDRobertson Librarians rule! #**tlchat**

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We are the media now! @NikkiDRobertson shares one of the reasons why TL News shares school library news monthly! #**tlchat**

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bring it on! #**tlchat**

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Join us now at http://virtualcafe.wikispaces.com to watch TL News Night Live #**tlchat**

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Please RT! Join #altedchat Wednesday February 26 at 7pm central time to discuss issues in alternative education! #edleadchat #**tlchat** #vachat

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#**TLChat** News Night is live….We hope you all can join us tonight for the next hour. :)

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So excited to have @wlmalit joining us tonight on TL News Night happening right now! #**tlchat**

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Ready for TL News Night? #**tlchat**

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#**tlchat** live is on! Join us!

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#**tlchat** @WLMALIT is about to go live and have a great time on http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/TL+News+Night

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A few minutes until TL News Night starts! Live tweet with our WLMA guests during the show using #**tlchat** hashtag! http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/TL+News+Night