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Monday, June2nd

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Digital Image Factory

Practice Task & Goal: Learn where to go to get great images for presentations, wikis, blogs, websites, or social media from a variety of sources. Practice cropping, re-sizing, and tweaking those pics with PicMonkey and making sure you give proper attribution. Create an ongoing folder or libary of awesome digital images.
Image Factory Workshop Task:
  • Search Flickr Creative Commons Share Alike for one image that speaks to you or your PPT message.
  • Using PicMonkey Crop or resize image (if using for PPT) to 1024 X 768
  • While you're there, play with auto adjust, special effects, touch ups, frames, shapes, textures, & text!
  • If you got the image from Flickr Creative Commons be sure to add an Attribution line in the bottom left, right, or side of the photo: "Flickr Creative Commons Photo by Name of Photographer" or if space is at a premium "Flickr CC Photo by Name of Photographer." See how I did it up above? Because of the windows, I incorporated it into the photo under the roof line and it sorta looks like an architectural feature!
  • Save all images as a .jpg - create a folder perhaps called Creative Commons Images
  • SCREENSHOT: Mac - Shift + Command + 3 for whole screen. Shift + Command + 4 for a selected part of the screen.

10 Tips for Digital Photo Editing & Fun

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Resources on my Research Databases MHMS Learning Wikipage
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Library of Congress Resources (Take, Use, Share!)

More Resources:
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