Crisis Webinar

Monday, April 19th, 8PM EST
Led by Buffy Hamilton and Chris Harris

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Hosted by: Carolyn Foote & Gwyneth Jones
It's the most exciting time to be a teacher librarian. The opportunities for learning have never been more rich. The studies prove the value of the role of strong school libraries in student achievement. Yet, the pink slips are flying. Where do we go from here?
Led by Buffy Hamilton and Chris Harris and moderated by Gwyneth Jones and Carolyn Foote, this webinar is a crisis planning session for moving forward with purpose! Please join us!

From Chris:
Here are my slides for anyone that wanted to reference back to some of the materials I shared.

From Buffy:

Epigenetics posits that "nature" or external influences can yield significant changes in the cellular material of the epigenome and result in significant change in a short time to the genome. We will look at 5 “librarian Iifestyle changes” we can make as library professional to “express" and "flip on" our best qualities so that we can evolve and adapt to the changing landscape/environment to become more effective librarians, and consequently, library programs.