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This is a LIVE show presented in news show format featuring a Wrap up of “This Month in School Libraries” and deeper discussion of topical school library issues with special guest experts. Did we mention it was LIVE?

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Webinars / Events

2015/2016 Webinar Season!


Coding in the Library

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Session Page

Coming Attractions!

Open Mic Night/Smackdown
Joyce Valenza
Shannon Miller
Margaux DelGuidice
Rose Luna

Social Justice @ the Library
Craig Seasholes

external image 22851376077_90654f6d7a_z.jpgTweet Like a Ninja

in 6 Easy Steps!
Education Edition
May 2nd 8pm Eastern US time
@GwynethJones - The Daring Librarian

Twitter is one of the most significant, rich, and profound professional development tools out there (& it's FREE!) but mastering it takes some slick sensei moves. Whether you're a Twitter newbie, lurker, contrarian, or champion - this session will be chock full of easy tips and tricks to learn, connect, and share with your community and educators around the world. From choosing the right user name, creating a profile that packs a punch, graphic designs that grab, to how to build a powerful global personal learning network - you can master the art of the Tweet!
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Session Page

Archive - Past Webinar Events


Book Love

Join Cathy Jo Nelson and Tiffany Whitehead as they share ideas for programs, displays, and other projects to get students excited about reading!
Monday, October 5, 2015 at 8 PM Easter US Time

Session Page


Back to School Special

Session Page



Monday, June 1st 8pm Eastern USA time with Erin Klein & Al Juliani
It's time to rethink our learning spaces. The mission of Classroom Cribs is to enhance pedagogy and the learning experience with brain-based classroom designs that students will love. Join this conversation with Erin Klein & Al Juliani to learn tips and tricks on how to create learning spaces centered around research and that work!
Join us, Monday, June 1st!
Session Page


Telling Your Story

Join us on Monday, May 4th when Elissa Malespina and
Nikki D Robertson talk about the importance of telling your story.

Session Page Link

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Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 11.18.20 PM.pngStories from Our Makerspaces

Join us on Monday, April 6th when Shannon McClintock Miller and Diana Maliszewski and many special guests, talk about Makerspaces within libraries and beyond.
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Tech-knowledge-y Rocks. Seriously!

Presentation Page
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Monday March 2nd
with Jamie Forshey

Take hands-on learning to a new level with this smack down of hot fire classroom iResources from the Geeky Girl, Instructional Technology Coach Jamie Forshey. Your new tech crush is about to be uncovered!



February 2ndwith Tiffany Whitehead
Participant Link



January 5th with Joyce Valenza & Andy Plemmons

Participant Link

Never before have we had truly effective tools for synchronous conferencing and media-rich asynchronous group discussion. Never before have we been able to leverage our emerging online communities of practice. Never before has participation been so possible. Never before has our world been so flat. Never before has it be more obvious that the prefix geo might amplify themes in any curriculum.

Our children deserve teachers and librarians who are global. TLs who can plan meaningful global learning partnerships, connecting learners, classrooms and libraries through inquiry projects and expanding the possibilities of expanding the books we read.

external image 15085361003_cfaab2a3f9_c.jpgEdutech Open Mic Smackdown

with Dr. Joyce Valenza

and YOU!
with Gwyneth Jones & Librarian Tiff moderating.

December 8thnd 8pmEastern
For resources, chat & webinar archive visit the

Session Wikipage
Participant Link

While you're there please consider adding to our crowsourced slideshow and prepare to take the mic on webinar night!

TL CAFE MacGyver.png

MacGyver Librarianship

The Art of Doing More w/Less!*
with Jennifer LaGarde & Mark Samberg
No budget? No problem! This session is all about finding creative ways to use free (and really cheap!) resources for creating exceptional spaces, warm and engaging environments and outstanding instruction. Join Jennifer LaGarde and Mark Samberg for this fun, fast paced session and learn how to channel your inner MacGyver to become a master of making the most of what you have while still advocating for the best possible resources for your kids!
*Mullet optional (but highly recommended).
November 3rd, 2014
8pm EST
Participant Link
Session Wikipage

external image 15373706955_5ca2bb0567_z.jpg

Saddle Up & Rope ‘Em In! Codes to Teach Like a Cowboy/ Cowgirl

with guests
Shelly Terrell & Jake Duncan

Teaching can feel like trying to conquer the Wild West. We need inspiration and advice from trailblazers used to rough terrains. Two Texas educators invite you to join this campfire conversation in which they will share some practical ideas and tips for handling anything from fundraising to teaching with little technology. Giddy up! Get your boots on and join us for this adventurous ride that’ll get you fired up and equipped for the school year.

October 6th, 2014
8pm EST
Participant Link
Session Wikipage

Follow Shelly Terrell---> @ShellTerrell
Follow Jake Duncan ---> @jkdncn

external image 14885582694_88078b5e57_z.jpgBack to School Special: Open Mic Edition
Mark your calendars & get some ideas ready to SHARE! We're crowdsourcing the preso this year (our 4th!) swapping great ideas how to make yourself indispensable to your admin & school staff at the beginning of the school year!
Sept 8th, 2014
8pm EST
Participant Link
Back to School Special Wikipage
NOTE: delayed date due to the US Labor Day holiday

external image 13233204025_5cb7771382_c.jpgDigital Image Factory

with Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian
Monday, June2nd

Join us!
Session Wikipage
Archive is up on the session page!

show me the data.pngShow Me The Data!
Just in time for "annual report season!" Tips and strategies for connecting the dots between the library and student learning.

with Jennifer LaGarde - Library Girl
moderated by Tiffany Whitehead - The Mighty Little Librarian!

Monday, May 5 at 8pm EST

Join us!
Session Wikipage
Participant Link

April 2.jpg

Libraries and the 1:1 School
Final Nail in the Library Coffin?

Concerned that ebooks, 1:1, BYOD, Google and other technologies will make school libraries and librarians obsolete? Think again! Join our panel as we discuss the intricate roll librarians play in this new digital world of education.

Moderated by: Matthew Winner

Presented by Sheila Glasscock, Nikki D Robertson, Holly Sutherland, and Marnie Utz

Participant Link

Session Wikipage

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 3.43.02 PM.png
re Thinking library

Join speakers Shannon Miller & Carolyn Foote and our wonderful moderator, Tiffany Whitehead

Learn how to use Google Hangout and Edmodo and more to break down the library walls and connect with other people from around the world. See examples of how Shannon and I are doing it (poetry summit, virtual debate, author visits, class vista etc).

Session Wikipage


If you could change one thing about your school, what would you do? A student-centered, inquiry-based, Genius Hour-inspired learning WIN for your students that you won't want to miss.

with Sherry Gick (The Library Fanatic) and Matthew C. Winner (The Busy Librarian)

moderated by Jennifer LaGarde -
Library Girl
Monday, February 3rd - 8pm EST

Participant Link

Session Wikipage

tlcafe lagardenorthrup.pngLeading From The Library!
Tips and tricks for stepping out of the stacks and into the limelight as instructional, pedagogical and technological library leaders!

with Library Girl, Jennifer LaGarde and Jennifer Northrup, The Candid Librarian.

moderated by Matthew Winner - The Busy Librarian.

Monday, January 6th - 8pm EST

Participant Link
Session Wikipage

smackdown.jpg3rd Annual Edutech Smackdown
Our highly anticipated, most attended, & crazy fun LIVE webinar event is BACK!

Starring Dr. Joyce Valenza and YOU!

with Gwyneth Jones & Librarian Tiff moderating.
December 2nd 8pmEastern

For resources, chat & webinar archive visit the
Session Wikipage
While you're there consider adding to our crowsourced slideshow and prepare to take the mic on webinar night!

Level_Up_TL_Cafe_Head.jpgLevel Up Your Blog - Taking Your Blog to the Next Level!
Does your blog need an epic win? How to add extra pages, engage guest bloggers, & how to make your blog your triumphant one stop shop and main web presence.

with Sue Waters, The Edublogger
moderated by Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian
Monday, November 4th 8pm Eastern USA
(simultaniously it is also November 5th & 7am in Perth, Australia!)

Participant Link
Session Wikipage

FlipItSlim.jpgFlip It! Flip It Good!
Oct. 7, 2013 | 8pm EST US

Novice yet earnest flipper Marie Slim (Teacher Librarian and Spanish Teacher) will share tips, tricks, hashtags, mentors, pitfalls and successes. Flipping is made for the library - one of you and 2000 who need you!

Session Wikipage
Participant Link

external image 9564423215_fabb2ed62d_c.jpg
Back to School Special
Monday Sept. 9th, 2013 (Due to the US Labor Day holiday) 8pmE

Tips & tricks to become indispensable to your teachers, school, & community!

Gwyneth Jones, The Daring Librarian
Tiffany Whitehead, Mighty Little Librarian &
Jennifer LaGarde, Library Girl!

Participant Link

Back to School Special Wikipage

Past Webinar Archives: 2012-13 Season

external image 8754332046_f8f479b0db_z.jpgISTE Inspire

Hot Tips & Advice to Maximize Your Ed Tech Conference Experience

Join Us Tuesday June 4th 7pm EASTERN

The TL Cafe & ISTE SIGMS teams up to present a FREE webinar to get you ready & inspired for ISTE13 San Diego!

Participant Link

Session Wikipage




Connect, Share, Learn, Grow: That's The Way We Roll!
June 3rd 8pm Est US
moderated by NikkiDRobertson
TL Virtual Cafe Webinar Series Season Finale: Online communities and learning networks are helping hundreds of thousands of educators learn, reduce isolation and providing “just in time” access to knowledge and opportunities for collaboration.
Learn ways to help your school, district and state become connected, collaborative educators.
This session features the following guest presenters:
  • Author Judith Glenn: Collaboration with students and teachers
  • School Librarian, Sandy Brand Madison, AL: International Collaboration
  • Educational Consultant, Jaime Vandergrift: EdCamp Atlanta-Collaboration between public, charter, private & home schools
  • Educators, Cat Flippen & Jaime Vandergrift: Founders of EduVue
Session Wikipage
Participant Link

Gone Goolge.jpgiCame! iSaw! iGoogled!
Googlizing Your Learning Environments with Google Apps
May 6th, 8PM EST US
with Joquetta "The Digital Diva" Johnson
Moderated by Gwyneth "The Daring Librarian" Jones
Are you ready to move beyond just using Google as a search engine?
Led by Google Certified Teacher-Librarian and Digital Diva – Joquetta Johnson, participants will discover how to use Google Applications as a vehicle to drive student collaboration, engagement, and learning. During this learning adventure, we will explore Google Apps like Chrome, Docs, YouTube, and Google+. Participants will leave with a digital backpack of Google resources and a deeper understanding and appreciation for Google as an Ecosystem. This is one Google trip you don’t want to miss.
Session Wikipage
Image Source

external image 8536318931_d987320eef_z.jpg
The Connected Concierge In Your School (& Classroom!)
April 8th, 8pm EST US
With Tiffany Whitehead aka The Mighty Little Librarian and
Nick Provenzano aka
The Nerdy Teacher
The age of toiling away alone in the classroom is long gone. There is a hero in your midst that can help you now. This suave savior is a master of media, a talented techie, and a connected colleague. The teacher librarian should be the "go to" resource in every building. This chat is going to focus on how these amazing people can be integrated into a teacher's lesson planner.
Session Wikipage

external image 8512146669_3c29b34ef4.jpgCare and Feeding of
Your Blog

March 4th at 8pm Eastern US Time and
March 5th 9am Perth Australia Time
With Sue Waters, The Edublogger

Participant Link
Session Wikipage

We've all been there, either we've started a blog and neglected it - feeling some deep-seated internal blog guilt or we've started a blog and sometimes just don't know what to post or how to make it grow. Sue Waters, the Edublogger herself, is here to the rescue!
Giving practical tips on how to get a blog started, how librarians and educators use blogs, and how to maintain and nurture a healthy blog without stress or guilt.

external image 8358128595_722bdbee94_c.jpg

Student Collaboration, Research Skills and Tech Integration

February 4th at 8pmE US Time

With Ron Peck & Melissa Seideman

Participant Link

Session Wikipage

A very special #TLChat & #SSChat collaboration!

Join us for a lively and informative discussion on: Tips, tricks and sound ways to get students collaborating and researching using the best of current technology integration tools.

external image 7019686013_0d6c3dc8fa_c.jpgTransparency is the New Black.
Monday January 7th 8pmE
Session Wikipage

Don’t hide your style under a bushel…be daring and go transparent! Straight from the Paris & New York runways it's time to be on trend and change into that digital shift! Advocate for your practice and our profession by embracing social media and fighting the "locked net monster." Pump up your web presence and stand out from the crowd by being culturally literate, interweb savvy, cloud computing friendly, and embracing our new transliterate "remix mashup culture." Having a hip web presence isn't showing off - it's sharing with the community! Gather round, It's time to make it work!

OpenMic_SimonScott_TLCafe12.jpgEduTech Smackdown:

Open Mic Night

with Dr. Joyce Valenza!

Moderators Gwyneth A. Jones - The Daring Librarian
& Tiffany Whitehead The Mighty Little Librarian

Monday December 3rd - 8pm EST

With special surprise guest Nicholas Provenzano (@thenerdyteacher)

This year, we're bustin & branching out beyond the library walls to include ALL of the EdTech world in our rip-roaring fast-paced Smackdown Open Mic Night with Dr. Joyce Valenza hosting & with Gwyneth Jones & Librarian Tiff moderating.
We’re planning to get ready by creating a rich crowd-souced presentation/book.
Please feel free to take a slide (or several) and be ready to grab the mic on the night of the event and share your faves. We’ll leave the evening with our own on-going dynamic resource book.
For resources, chat & webinar archive visit the Session Wikipage

Screen Shot 2012-09-23 at 2.28.54 PM.png

Gamification for the EPIC WIN!
Why gaming
works, reframing instruction using game theory, and the most epic book club EVER. No gaming experience necessary.
Monday, November 5th - 8pm EST
Presented by: Matthew C. Winner & Jennifer LaGarde
Gamification for the Epic Win! wikipage

View Archived Webinar

Common_Core_SecretWeapon_large.jpgYour Common Core Secret Weapon
with the Librarians in the Middle!

Monday October 1st - 8pm Eastern US
Starring: Tamara Cox , Kristen Hearne AND Monique German

Your Common Core Secret Weapon Wikipage

View webinar archive here:
external image 7803310906_f4afe5d933_z.jpg

Back to School Special 12

Rocking the New Year!

Monday Sept. 10th (Due to the US Labor Day holiday)

Back to School Special Wikipage

Be the Change You Want to See
in your Library Media Center.
This is your chance to be heard! June 4
Tell us what support you need to make your media center the perfect learning environment. Advocacy tools? Professional development opportunities? Access to curriculum tools? Other resources?
This project is the brainchild of MEMO President-elect Dhaivyd Hilgendorf, @dhaivyd who will help host the event.
Pre-chat chatter at #memobtc and

Archive Link Go to program #37. Resource-sharing wiki
Two Libraries, One Voice
Even though Shannon Miller's and John Schumacher’s students live 338 miles apart, they connect multiple times throughout the week. This session explores the collaborative tools they use to connect their students with each other and schools around the world.
May --7
Wiki Page
Due to technical difficulties the audio archive for this event isn't available...We are sorry.

Dynamic Duo: English teacher + Teacher Librarian
Creating a Culture of Reading wherever they Go!
April --2
Meenoo Rami
The Nerdy Teacher Nick Provenzano
Moderator Shannon M. Miller
An important discussion around how classroom teachers and librarians should be working together to create a rich literacy environment in our schools.
Session Wikipage with Archive Link
Participant Link

Wanna Play?
Monday March 5th 8pm EST
Denise Colby
Liam O'Donnell
Diana Maliszewski
with **Tiffany Whitehead aka**
The Mighty Little Librarian, Moderating
Webinar Archive
Session Wikipage
NPC? PvP? WoW? Does this sound like a secret code?
Whether or not you know the meaning behind these acronyms, come join three "gaming-positive" educators as they introduce you to gaming @ your library. Hear about the benefits of gaming, discover how to embrace games that respects the users and the medium, and learn how you can incorporate video games into your library - even without paying a cent. Those WoW (World of Warcraft) players in your school and other gamers that enjoy some PvP (player versus player) matches and other types of games will appreciate you and your library's significance to their growth can equal that of a vital NPC (non-player character).

Passion for the Our Profession
What's Love Got to Do with It?
Monday February --6 th 8pm EST
with Joquetta Johnson
Moderated by Matthew C. Winner

Session Wikipage

Participant Link


Wii Learning: Engaging Students through Gaming Technology

Monday January 9th - 8pm EST
with Meghan Hearn
and Matthew C. Winner
Moderated by
Jennifer LaGarde & Librarian Tiff
Session Wikipage
The Nintendo Wii is a powerful tool for engaging your students and supporting math instruction. No need to be a gamer to score big points here. Learn the In's and Out's and experience lessons aligned with CCSC standards in Mathematics.

OpenMic_SimonScott_TLCafe.jpgLibrary World Smackdown:
Open Mic Night
with Joyce Valenza!

& Moderator Gwyneth A. Jones - The Daring Librarian
Monday December 5th - 8pm EST
At the TL Virtual Cafe on December 5th, 8PM Eastern, we’ll be hosting a tlvirtualcafe/Open_Mic|Learning Tools Open Mic/Smackdown/Karaoke. We’re planning to get ready by building a crowd-souced presentation/book. Please feel free to grab a slide (or several) and be ready to grab the mic on the night of the event and share your faves. We’ll leave the evening with our own dynamic, growable resource book.

Session Wikipage

Participant Link

external image 6320593508_d47536a65e.jpg
Rock Star Advocacy: Proving Your Worth In Tough Times
November 7th
Jennifer LaGarde
Moderated by Tiffany Whitehead
Session Wikipage

Webinar Archive

A fun and lively discussion to help librarians gather and share data that illustrates their value as instructional partners.


PD with a Twist

October 3rd
with Tamara Cox and Tiff Whitehead
Session Wikipage
Webinar Archive

Professional Development does NOT have to be an experience that feels like torture! Tamara and Tiff will share ways that they have put a new spin on the professional development opportunities they offer to their teachers.

PLNsmall.jpgPlay, Learn & Network with SIGMS
The Best Personal Learning Network for Media Specialist
Wednesday September 21th - 8pm EST
Guests: Doug Johnson, Lisa Perez, Carolyn Starkey, Andrea Christman, Laurie Conzemius, Brenda Anderson, Tiffany Whitehead, Maureen Sanders Brunner
SIGMS Webinar Page
Link to Archived Webinar
Learn how SIGMS can support your professional growth through a variety of virtual and face to face professional development opportunities. Hear how to be a contributor to our newsletter, The Scanner. Join us as leaders in our field share how they leverage their involvement with SIGMS to play, learn, and network. You don't have to be a media specialists to play and learn with us!

TL_Cafe_BTSpecial.jpgBack to School Special:

Savvy Starts to a New Year!
Monday September 12th - 8pm EST
(NOTE: changed date due to
Labor Day holiday)
Guests: Gwyneth Jones & Librarian Tiff
Webinar Archive
Webinar Participant Link

Back to School Special Wikipage

A casual discussion to generate ideas on how to build school allies, support new teachers & become indispensable to admin & staff at the beginning of every school year. Featuring how Google tools (forms, docs, & presentation, and more!) can supercharge the library program & classroom throughout the school year. For Teacher Librarians, classroom teachers, tech teachers, admins, & well...everyone!


Ready, Set, Go to ISTE11
Guest: Laurie Conzemius, SIGMS Communications Chair
Host: Brenda Anderson
June 15 - 8 pm ET
Learn Central Page
Here is a link for the TL Cafe participants
Are you attending ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia? Want to get the most out of your conference attendance? Join SIGMS Communications Chair Laurie Conzemius for this webinar and hear tips for making your conference successful. Laurie will share the best ways to prepare now (before you even leave for the conference), tips for getting the most out of your time at ISTE 2011, and some great ways to bring the conference back home again and share your experience with your coworkers.


DIY Summer Reading List
Guests: John Schumacher & Shannon Miller
Host: Ernie Cox
June 6 - 8pm EST
Learn Central Page
Session Wikipage - Resources and More.
Here is a link for the TL Cafe participants
Tired of the same old required summer reading lists? Struggling to come up with great suggestions for the youth you serve? We will build an exciting summer reading list with the help of youth participants from around the country.

Catapult into the 21st Century and Beyond
Guests: Silvio Rosenthal Tolisano
Host: Brenda Anderson & Andrea Christman, An ISTE SIGMS webinar

May 16th - 8pm EST

ISTE-sigms.gifSession Wikipage - Resources & More!

Learn Central Page
Link to the Archived Webinar

Are you still teaching in isolation or at best parallel to your students’ other teachers? How do you take your lesson plans, connect them to 21st century skills, infuse new litercies and get students motivated and engaged for their present and future? Join us for a conversation about upgrading lessons and units that extend your classroom to connect to and collaborate with other subject areas, grade levels, peers and experts from around the world.

external image 5169544127_5affcbcb51_z.jpg

Diving into Digital Books
Adding eReaders to Your School Library
Guests: Buffy J. Hamilton & Jennifer LaGarde
Host: Gwyneth Jones
May 2 - 8pm EST
Session Wikipage - Resources & More!
Learn Central Page
Here is a link for the TL Cafe participants
Kindles, Nooks and iPads, Oh My! Implementing eReaders into your library program is about more than just jumping on the latest technological bandwagon or attempting to reinvent your library in order to stay relevant. It’s about good practice. Join Buffy Hamilton and Jennifer LaGarde as they discuss how eReaders have helped them provide students with a) access to the most up to date titles, b) the unique ability to efficiently link works of fiction with nonfiction resources and, c) the opportunity to interact with texts in ways that are simply not possible with traditional, library owned, books – all in an environment that both appeals to and enhances their skills as 21st century learners.
(Photo from the UnquietLibrary Flickr Stream)

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Thank you to everyone for another AMAZING season of FREE Library & Ed Tech Webinar goodness! Thank you to all the presenters, moderators, and awesome participants! Super thanks to Steve Hargadon for his continuing support and for Dr. Joyce Valenza for creating this space for all of us! Cheers!
~Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian